Langria 3-Tier Metal Rolling Cart

Another one of my favorite Amazon stores!!! LANGRIA

I have this cart in my bathroom and I absolutely love it!!! It is so worth it!!! They have a great range of products for your home to your office. Check it out!

I got this LANGRIA Supreme Metal Rolling Cart Space Saving Rolling Storage Rack (5 Tier-White) originally for my kitchen but my 7-year-old daughter decided that she wanted to use it in her bathroom. I have to say that it worked out perfectly. It isn’t too tall that it isn’t reachable but it is tall enough to hold five shelves. It also came with an additional hook to hang, in our case, her towels, which gives me more room to hang these on my towel rack. This was extremely easy to put together and took me maybe 5 minutes from start to finish. It holds a lot more than I expected it to and I know I have an additional cart that I can easily hold things that I don’t use every day but want to keep available. It also fit discreetly being the bathroom door. This is very well made, easy to assemble, and easy to move from room to room depending on your needs. This is probably one of the best carts that I have ever found.


Although this product was complimentary, it is no way bias and reflects an honest, fair opinion of the product.

****The seller had no part of this blog post and I am not affiliated in any way with this store. This post is all my own doing and I received nothing from Langria for this blog post.


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