Women’s Racerback Max Comfort Sports Bra by Sugarphant Product Review

I absolutely love sports bras and wear a lot especially in the summer time. I love them when I am working out, working in the yard or for wearing them under a racer-back tank top.

When I had the opportunity to review this Women’s Racer-back Max Comfort Sports Bra by Sugarphant, I jumped at the opportunity. This particular sports bra has lightweight fabric with sweat-wicking built in as well. It is also tag-less and is seamless as well so you are not feeling the irritating rubbing from the seems. I would say this offers some support but definitely would not be for running. Great for working around the house, outside, doing yoga or Pilates. It does offer removable cups, which came out easily for me as they didn’t feel like they felt right and you could clearly see them while I was wearing this sports bra. When I was purchasing this item, there was no size references and it comes in Small-XL. Being that I am a 38D, I went with the XL and it was a perfect fit.

It comes in three different colors: black, pink and mint green. I went with the pink and it is a real nice pink. You can see more details about this product at Amazon here. It is currently  priced at $9.99

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 I received this product at a discount for testing purposes. I received no financial compensation. My review is based solely on my personal experiences with the product and are my opinions alone.  I have no affiliation with the seller or manufacturer. 


Moneta Jewelry Handmade Tribal Artisan Craft Multi Strand Bracelet Genuine Leather Product Review

I had the opportunity to review this Moneta Jewelry Handmade Tribal Artisan Craft Multi Strand Bracelet. It is said to be handcrafted by 100 Hmong women to help sell their creations to the world, while providing them with a fair wage and good working conditions. The Hmong of Thailand are a unique group of people. They live in small villages in mountainous regions in the northern part of the country and trace their roots back to China. I am hoping that this is truly the case because this is truly a beautiful bracelet.

This bracelet is made up of three bands: two string bands that are beading and a middle band that is leather with braided leather over it. It is very easy to put on and take off as the back of the bracelet has an easy to pull – cord adjustment that allows you to adjust this bracelet from 7 inches to 10 inches. It will easily accommodate any wrist size. Not only is it beautifully designed but it also is extremely comfortable to wear. I have worn this bracelet every day since I have received it and I absolutely love it and have received numerous compliments on it. This bracelet comes in several different bead styles and colors and is unisex.

This bracelet can be purchased on Amazon here.

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Although this product was received at a discount, it is no way bias and reflects an honest, fair opinion of the product.

Jusfitsu Women’s Vintage V-Neck 3/4 Sleeve Belt Business Pencil Cocktail Dress

I received this Jusfitsu Women’s Vintage V-Neck 3/4 Sleeve Belt Business Pencil Cocktail Dress in size 14. I am 5’9, 38D, and 158 pounds, and I normally wear a size 10 in US sizing so you will definitely need to check the size chart on this dress. This dress is offered in two colors: dark gray and gray. I ordered the gray color. You will see from the pictures that it is more of denim blue color than gray. I really like the vintage neckline so you can easily add a nice necklace to this as well. The length of the sleeves are perfect for Fall and Spring. The back of the dress has a zipper so you can easily put this dress on and take it off. It also comes with a belt which definitely gives your waist definition.This dress does have some stretch to it so it does move with you. I am 5’9 and this dress does hit me below the knee. There is a small slit in the back of the dress, which does make it easy to walk in. 

Overall, the dress is comfortable but I was expecting a more of a gray color than a denim blue. The belt does add definition to your waist and I would consider this appropriate business attire. I will probably wear this dress only to work or church as the length is a little longer than what I normally wear.

This dress is made of 95%Polyester and 5% Spandex.

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You may see more details of this dress on Amazon here.

Although this product was received at a discount, it is no way bias and reflects an honest, fair opinion of the product.

**I apologize for not showing this dress in heels but I currently have a broken foot and I’m not allowed to wear heels.**



So Amazon apparently thinks they can oust honest reviewers!

Today, product reviewers, like myself, were delightfully updated when Amazon decided that they would update their Terms of Service for reviewers that receive a product at a discount or free in exchange for an honest review are no longer allowed to leave HONEST REVIEWS. HOWEVER, Amazon is still going to allow their own VINE REVIEW PROGRAM. Hmmm….. interesting…….

Oh yes… Let’s read shall we:


Oh, yes.. Amazon there is no hypocrisy in your little VINE world now is there. Now that you are able to monopolize your reviews and at what costs to your Amazon sellers?

Furthermore, you played absolutely no part in creating or participating in the integrity of your own review system by ranking each individual reviewer with numbers and actually encouraging reviewers by labeling them a “Top Reviewer”. Oh, Amazon, what a web we weave when we first practice to deceive.

So, in your efforts to keep reviews fair and unbiased, you have now created the exact opposite effect. You’ve essentially created a new underground world of dirty dealers and their reviewing addicts. You may have kicked the dealers of your streets but there is always a new neighborhood that will accept anyone and their business, especially on the heels of the holiday shopping season. Oops…. didn’t think that one through now did ya!

Honestly, Amazon, I want to say THANK YOU! As an Amazon member since 2000, you will save me A LOT of money as I will no longer be purchasing anything from YOU! I already have Ebay on the other line with grandiose opportunities for selling all my kindles, my readers, and every other crappy item that you market!

Way to Go, Amazon! Way to Go!