Thick Fuzzy Wool Blend Socks For Women Product Review



If you are like me, I experience cold feet, especially in the winter months. So, I have a rather extensive sock collection. I have tried thick wool socks that are itchy and you can’t wear shoes comfortably with them. I have tried the fuzzy slipper socks that are comfortable, but again, I am not able to wear shoes with them. So, I wanted to try these Thick Fuzzy Wool Blend Boot Socks For Women that are sold by NG SHOP on Amazon. These socks are so comfortable and keep my feet cozy warm! I can also wear them with shoes or boots as well. They also come in two colors, dark gray and light gray, and both colors have cute flowers on them. I got the dark gray color but are more of a dark blue color. They are extremely soft and not itchy at all. The come in one size and I wear a size 10 shoe and these fit me perfectly. 

If you experience cold feet like I do, I would highly recommend that you check out these great socks on Amazon. You can find them here.



Although this product was received at a discount, it is no way bias and reflects an honest, fair opinion of the product.


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