Bamboo Bambino Amazingly Soft Baby Washcloths


 I got these SUPER SOFT Bamboo Bambino Amazingly Soft Baby Wash Cloths for use in my home. My daughter has ADHD and also experiences hypersensitivity to anything that is rough on her skin. I had previously heard about these wash cloths on the internet so I was eager to try them.

These truly are extremely soft and lather up very nicely. They are also a normal sized washcloth and not like the small ones that you get in the baby department. These are hypoallergenic and anti-bacterial as natural bamboo fibers are naturally germ, dust & allergen free.

My daughter likes using these washcloths instead of the other kind that I own, and specifically asks for the soft washcloths. These are great as a gift for any new mom but are also great for use in your own home. I highly recommend these!!!

One package contains six washcloths.

Purchase them at Amazon! 

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I received this product at a discount for testing purposes. I received no financial compensation. My review is based solely on my personal experiences with the product and are my opinions alone. I have no affiliation with the seller or manufacturer.


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