Beautiful Watch & Bracelet Set #ProductReview

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Xinge D3866L Acrylic Band Rose Gold Tone Women’s Wrist Watch and Bracelet Set (Watch)

I am usually a white gold girl, but when I saw this Acrylic Band Rose Gold Tone Women’s Wrist Watch and Bracelet Set with the black accents, I couldn’t pass it up. This set is more gorgeous in person and the two bracelets just add to the beauty of this set. The watch band is a mix of black that is attached to links on the underside that closes with a clasp closure for a secure fit and is easy to close yourself. It is also semi-waterproof as it can get wet but not submerged in water. There are also two gorgeous bracelets that can be worn individually, together, with the watch, individually on each wrists, there a lot of possibilities with this set. The other bracelet has a motivational quote on it that I just adore: “BELIEVE IN YOURSELF”. This has a circle clasp that hooks onto the other side of the bracelet. I did have some trouble with getting the circle clasp to hook and had to have someone do it for me. The other bracelet has a bangle hanging from it and one side is white and the other is black. This one I had no problems closing. All three pieces are securely clasped so you won’t have issues with them coming off. This set also comes in a box on a pillow along with a really nice bag that matches the box for easy gift giving. I am keeping mine so I use the box to store this set it when I am not wearing it, which isn’t very often. I usually have at least one piece of the set on.Overall, this is a beautiful set that will not sit in a jewelry box and you will get a lot of wear out of it. It would make a great gift for any female!

Available for purchase on Amazon here.

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I received this product at a discount in exchange for an honest review. I received no financial compensation. My review is based solely on my personal experiences with the product and are my opinions alone. I have no affiliation with the seller or manufacturer.