Rimable Complete Maple Skateboard 31 Inch (Demon Gun,Lighted Up Wheel)

I was given the opportunity to receive this Rimable Complete Maple Skateboard 31 Inch (Demon Gun,Lighted Up Wheel) at a discount for my kids. This board has a super grip deck, which as helpful for my 8-year-old that had never been on a skateboard before. The wheels are really neat as the light up as the the board rolls. It is great for beginners or for those with more experience like my 14-year-old son, who was able to do tricks on it! The wheel bearings are flexible so it makes balancing and riding easier and more enjoyable. #RIMABLE  #LONGBOARD  #IWasInvited

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I received this product at a discount. This post is based solely on my personal opinions of the product and my kids experiences with the product.


#Pet blanket or #kids blanket? You be the judge!!!!!

I purchased this pet blanket for my two new fur babies but it seems I’m going to have to get a second one as my 8-year-old absolutely loves it. It is EXTREMELY SOFT and perfectly sized like a throw. I recommend just ordering two to save having to go back and order another one! Available on Amazon!