So Amazon apparently thinks they can oust honest reviewers!

Today, product reviewers, like myself, were delightfully updated when Amazon decided that they would update their Terms of Service for reviewers that receive a product at a discount or free in exchange for an honest review are no longer allowed to leave HONEST REVIEWS. HOWEVER, Amazon is still going to allow their own VINE REVIEW PROGRAM. Hmmm….. interesting…….

Oh yes… Let’s read shall we:


Oh, yes.. Amazon there is no hypocrisy in your little VINE world now is there. Now that you are able to monopolize your reviews and at what costs to your Amazon sellers?

Furthermore, you played absolutely no part in creating or participating in the integrity of your own review system by ranking each individual reviewer with numbers and actually encouraging reviewers by labeling them a “Top Reviewer”. Oh, Amazon, what a web we weave when we first practice to deceive.

So, in your efforts to keep reviews fair and unbiased, you have now created the exact opposite effect. You’ve essentially created a new underground world of dirty dealers and their reviewing addicts. You may have kicked the dealers of your streets but there is always a new neighborhood that will accept anyone and their business, especially on the heels of the holiday shopping season. Oops…. didn’t think that one through now did ya!

Honestly, Amazon, I want to say THANK YOU! As an Amazon member since 2000, you will save me A LOT of money as I will no longer be purchasing anything from YOU! I already have Ebay on the other line with grandiose opportunities for selling all my kindles, my readers, and every other crappy item that you market!

Way to Go, Amazon! Way to Go!