My feature Amazon Store! Safstar

While pursuing on Amazon looking for deals I came across this amazing store: Safstar! that I have absolutely fallen in love with and I just wanted to spread the word.They have a lot of amazing things and at great prices as well. Here a few cool things that I came across!

Here is the store link: SAFSTAR STOREFRONT!


Safstar Digital Electronic Safe Box, which can be found here, as is only $25.99!

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 11.54.44 AM

  • Material: Solid Steel, 0.22-cubic-foot capacity, Exterior Dimensions: 9.2″ x 6.8″ x 6.8″, Interior Dimensions: 8.9″ x 6.5″ x 6.5″ (Please pay full attention to the dimension for this MINI safe box)
  • Electronic lock can easily be programmed by the user with a “Safety Key” override,easy operation with digital PIN or override Key
  • Security code from 3-8 digits using any number from 0-9, Time out period after 3 incorrect combination attempts
  • The safe runs on 4 x AA-Size 1.5V batteries(Includes), with 3000-time operation life expectancy of battery. it has 2 pre-drilled holes for mounting to the floor, wall or cabinet


This is a must own for my home!  Safstar Portable Clothes Wardrobe Garment Rack Home Closet Hanger Storage Organizer. Can be seen here

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 11.59.41 AM

  • Durable and adjustable metal wardrobe designed with three hanging rods plus 4 adjustable shelves; quick and easy installation; keep your home eeat and organized
  • Large storage capacity (size: 47.25″ X 17.72″ X 70.87″). Adding more space for your clothes and accessories
  • Durable closet organizer perfect for storing your clothes, shoes, bags luggages, boxes and other stuffs
  • Hanging rods support full-sized jackets as well as fabric shelf towers. Center hanging rod is removable for longer garments

This is one of my favorite items I have seen on Amazon:

Safstar Popcorn Machine Red Tabletop Popper Maker (Popper Machine with Car), which can be found here. You purchase this without the cart as well! 

Screen Shot 2016-08-17 at 12.39.43 PM

  • Eight (8) ounce stainless steel rotational & detachable kettle. Deluxe model with 3 control switches (turn, heat, warming & light)
  • Enhanced high-impact thick safety tempered glass walls for added safety. Large stainless-steel kettle with built-in stirring system
  • Safe operation and saving energy, suitable for all kinds of entertainment and leisure places
  • Highest popcorn output per batch. Easy to use,just pour kernels & enjoy popped corn in just a few minutes
  • Approved for commercial use. Warming light keeps popcorn tasting fresh & delicious. Easy to clean


These are just a few things that I came across that I absolutely love. Check out their store and you won’t be disappointed!!!!


*****The seller has no affiliation with this post nor was I compensated for this post. It is all my own doing!!!


PowerLead Gapo G051 2.7 Inch LCD Cameras16 MP Digital Camera Underwater


I got this 10m Waterproof Camera to take pictures while my kids are playing in the pool and when we go on vacation to the beach. I don’t like having to use my cell phone so close to the water for fear of dropping it. So I wanted to see how this camera would work and if it would really work underwater. First thing I do before getting into the pool, is I always check to make sure that the battery door is securely closed. Sometimes it looks like it is closed but if you make sure the gray clip is completely clipped down this will avoid any leakage. I always use the wrist strap so that I can keep a good hold of the camera. I used this in my pool on three different occasions and it hasn’t leaked yet.

The instructions that come with it are very easy to follow and I also like that it does come with its own SD card. It easily stores away in the included case. It charges via USB cable and it charges very quickly. I still have not had to recharge it. It also includes software that you can put on your computer to easily get the photos off of your camera. Overall, this camera has not leaked on me once, it does photograph and video underwater, and is a lot of fun to get different pictures of my kids being silly that I normally wouldn’t be able to capture.

I received this product complimentary in exchange for an honest review and constructive feedback. I received no financial compensation. My review is based solely on my personal experiences with the product and are my opinions alone. I have no affiliation with the seller or manufacturer.

PulseaudioTM Vitality Wireless Bluetooth #Headphones Headset

My significant other works out by running six miles about five times a week. He is always complaining about his generic earbuds always falling out, or he would lose an earbud, or he would get all sweaty and it would be pointless for him to use any. So when I came across the PulseaudioTM Vitality Wireless Bluetooth Headphones Headset, I immediately thought about him since they are made with sweat proof material. He absolutely loved that these connected to his phone via bluetooth plus he could talk hands free.There were no issues with connecting these to his phone (or mine). The sound quality of these was superb and I could clearly hear him and he could easily hear me. Plus these have buttons on on the earphones that allow you to change songs, answer calls and change the volume. He not only only uses them when he is working out but even uses them when we are in bed and he’s watching videos. This also comes with extra ear pieces, easy to follow instructions, and a nice soft small black bag to put everything in. Now the only problem he has is that we only have one pair and I am always stealing them. Overall, these are perfect for anyone that uses earbuds, whether running six miles or just laying in bed. I would suggest getting two pairs to avoid fighting over them.

You can get your own pair at Amazon by using the link HERE!

I received this product at a discount or free in exchange for an honest review. I received no financial compensation. My review is based solely on my personal experiences with the product and are my opinions alone. I have no affiliation with the seller or manufacturer.